Looby's 'People & Permaculture' and Aranya's 'Permaculture Design' got well thumbed throughout this design.


I used Looby's 'Design Web' for the design framework.

This meant that the design was quite fluid as I could easily move back & forth through the various deisgn 'anchors'.


I like the way the designer is woven in with the design by using this approach, for example the 'reflection' & 'action' anchor points work together to maintain the momentum of the design process itsef as well as creating an action plan for the implementation of the design.


A fellow apprentice, Niamhue Robbins gives a great overview of this process on her inspiring website. I suggest visiting it to learn more about this approach.


April - October 2014

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Need for this design:


The diploma in Applied Permaculture Design is a self-directed learning journey over a minimum of two years. To help guide this many diploma apprentices create their own unique 'Action Learning Pathway' which outlines aims & goals they hope to achieve, themes or areas they wish to focus their work on & the ways & means they intend to do that!

The 'Action' part comes from the intention to use a 'learning by doing' approach rather than just theoretical learning. Generally a diploma apprentice does ten designs, and builds the quality of their work by reflecting on each one as they go along.


When I began my Diploma journey 4 years ago, I made a very sketchy outline of a learning pathway. This mainly illustrated my aspirations at that time. Over the next two years I reflected on this a number of times & adapted it where necesary (which was alot!).


Now, on the homeward stretch, I am hoping to accredit this year. I thought that revisiting my ALP would be worthwhile & might help me to move forward towards the accreditation.

Looking at my original pathway notes from this vantage point, I can see that there were gaping holes in the design process. It was more a 'to do' list than a permaculture design. It did not really illustrate Permaculture Design in action and was also not particularly helpful to me either in learning design skills or keeping me motivated.


The irony of the ALP design is that while it affects the whole two years or more of your diploma journey it is most likely going to be the least well designed! 


So I decided to 're-jig' my Action Learning Pathway to help get me from a straggling (& struggling!) diploma apprentice to a fully fledged Certified Permaculture Design Diploma holder. Here goes....

Designing my own education: Action Learning Pathway